Established in Vancouver, Canada

Since 2011

Yes! That’s the view from our office of the north shore mountains in Greater Vancouver.
Our founder, Winston Ng, is no stranger to innovation. He turned ideas into working systems at Internet startups during the 90’s dot-com boom; joined Electronic Arts during the transformative years from disc to digital distribution; and co-founded several technology companies.
Our passion for technology and it’s innovative application form the foundation for H8tch. We strive to create pragmatic solution with leading-edge technologies. The solution needs to balance the need for getting the product out quickly while making it simple to maintain and extensible for future needs.
Since 2011, we have helped numerous startups launch their products and Fortune-500 companies deliver their innovative projects.

Suzhou, China

Marco Polo referred to Suzhou as “the Venice of the East” when he first visited in 1276. This beautiful city with elegant waterways, lakes and stone bridges have since transformed into a booming city of almost 11 million people.
Today, it is also the location for our second R&D centre. The rapid ascent of both hardware and software technologies in China made it a perfect location for cultivating innovation. Our team in Suzhou worked with projects from North America as well as local projects, especially in the environmental sector.
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