Mitigate project risks up front

I’ve seen my fair share of successes, hiccups and failures in software projects over the last 20 years. In my younger days, risks were mostly mitigated by brute force. Late-night coding sessions [...]

Launched! Epic Games Account 2FA

With the runaway success of Epic’s Fortnite, the security of the player’s account is paramount in making the game a safe and trusted environment. Our team helped Epic develop and [...]

M for Minimum

“More features” equals “more value”? When you think through the concepts of your new product, you probably imagine how the users enjoy its powerful functionalities and [...]

Review: Amazon Quicksight

Quicksight is one of Amazon’s web services to provide cloud-based business analytics solution. It provides a fast and inexpensive way to analyze and visualize business data. SPICE (Super-fast, [...]