From Pitch Deck to MVP

Minimum Viable Product

MVP (minimum viable product) is a common term in the startup world where the product have just enough features to satisfy early customers for collecting feedback towards future improvements.

We think that this practise of defining and designing an MVP can be applied not just to startups but to any projects. Often times we over-designed and over-engineered solutions that took too much resources and time to develop but doesn’t get utilized by the target users.

It is a collaborative effort between your market knowledge and our technology experience to define an MVP that is efficient on resources and yet achieves your objectives.

How We Work?

This will give you a general idea of how we go from pitch deck to MVP. These are not set in stone as we’ll adapt to the situation to achieve the outcome required.

Start with the Goal

When we understand the goal better, we can achieve it faster.
Let’s discuss where you’re at with the idea, what you are targeting, and the success criteria.
At the end of this conversation, we’d be able to tell you if this is something we have the confidence to deliver and the potential risks we see.

Discovery and Design

Now when we know where we are going, we need to find the most efficient way of getting there.
We will design the MVP that can help reach your goal with minimal investment. The purpose is to get to the market as early as possible so that you can start getting feedback and improve the product.
The outcome of this phase is a complete set of documentation describing the MVP.

Development and Delivery

Now it’s time to put the zeros and ones together to create the working system.
Following the modern agile practices, our team of engineers will build the MVP and prepare it for launch.
We iterate continuously where you get to experience the functional features of the latest build and provide feedback.

Launch and Maintenance

Once the MVP is built, you are ready to go! Now it’s time to learn the customers’ feedback, plan further product improvement, and eventually scale the system.
Meanwhile, we will help you monitor and maintain the system’s availability and performance so you can focus on growing your business.
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