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Needless to say, they do. But why? According to this research, the top reason is no market need, it took down 42% of the startups participated in the survey.

How come people invest money and build sophisticated products while there is no market need? One of the common reasons is that you may mix up “loveable” and “valuable”.

A good example to explain the difference was brought up by an experienced product manager.

Imagine you walking down the street with your puppy and random people are stopping to express how they adore it. Do they love it? Yes.

Now, imagine you say offer to sell it to them. Would they? Do they actually need the puppy that much they are willing to pay for it?

Perhaps there’s a way to measure the demand before making the investment?


The good news is that you could measure whether people are ready to spend their efforts and, potentially, money to get your product before you actually build it. Just build a single web landing page that:

  1. comes with a clear explanation of your product, and

  2. provides a way for people to express their interest.

Spread the word about this “new” product on forums, social media or traditional means at your target audience.

Once your target audience gets to your landing page, you could have a “Get A Quote” button where they’d have to spend the time and effort to enter their information. Knowing the number of people that got onto your landing page and the number of people who carried out the action would give you a data point on how viable this product is.

For building out landing pages, you can try using either Unbounce or Leadpages. They are the leading provider for building landing pages and has all the tools you need to analyze conversion.

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