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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Take a moment to close your eyes, and picture what you believe AI is. What do you see? When most people think of AI nowadays, they understand it as robots moving by themselves, or how a computer reacts when in a given situation. Some believe it isn’t fully developed yet, and is something that’s happening in the future. To others, it’s a concept they’ve heard in the news before but don’t know much about.

However, AI is more than just robots and machines learning to adapt, and the reality is it’s not happening in the future; It’s happening right now. AI is not some concept that’ll take two or three years to develop; it’s a reality, it’s everywhere, and the fact is it’s not just in our phones, laptops or cars.

What is AI?

Before going in depth into what AI can do and the industries it’s being used in, let’s start at the beginning with the all important question: What is AI? Lots of people have heard of the phrase, but what does it mean, and how exactly does it work?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is simply the process of making machines smart. How does it do this? The machine uses algorithms in order to solve problems that either used to be solved by humans, or can be solved by humans. Now, this may sound all scary, daunting and something straight out of the movie “I, Robot,” but this is not the case, and the possibilities of AI helping in industries and everyday situations are endless.

Artificial Intelligence is a game changer

In terms of small businesses, AI also helps streamline and make things more efficiently there as well. AI can take sales automation to new levels by using machine learning to determine the best steps to take and making recommendations to salespeople. Customer service automation is also improved with AI by giving your business.

Some of the most obvious examples of AI being used are in home automation and the automotive industry with Tesla and Amazon. But AI is not just being utilized in those two industries. Let’s look at the healthcare industry for example. With AI, it’s now possible for radiologists to diagnose and help their patients, as AI can be used to calculate the precise volume and shape of tumors. This revolutionizes treatment and could potentially save numerous lives.

What about the environment? We’ve all heard the warnings about global warming in the news, could AI potentially solve some of the issues? The answer is yes. AI can help with a number of different environmental projects, such as designing forests for the future. You might be asking yourself; how can it do this? AI can not only pinpoint exactly where to plant new trees for the best growth, but also take in depth photographs to learn more about our forests. This reduces a tremendous amount of ground work and time previously being spent in the industry.

What does the future hold for AI?

It’s important to realize we’re only at the beginning of the growing uses for AI. Think about all the data in the world that’s currently out there, and how useful it would be for so many different industries. It’s not some fad or faux paw that is going to die out in a few years like a cabbage patch kid; AI is the future of all industries and companies. AI can help with innovative ideas you may have for your company and bring them to reality.

If you have an innovative idea that you need a technology partner to help with, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We’re always looking for different companies to help grow their business and make their dreams a reality.

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